Soft furnishing and textile design

Good interior design is often about blending the old with the new, taking carefully selected classic design pieces and coordinating them with fresh new creations to create a unique interior space. 

That’s why at 15 Collingwood, Rocco and Franco also stock a special selection of gorgeous textiles from talented modern designers. You’ll find retro inspired cushions and accessories by Atomic Doris, handmade lampshades in African waxed fabrics and period bark cloths by Nifty Shades, embroidered brooches by Laura Marriott and by Wendy from Random Makes, and Spiral and Battenberg kitsch fabric brooches by Becki Flack. We often have a variety of period rugs, but only if we can find examples in tiptop condition.

Love design? Come and browse or talk to us today on 01604 714644.