Lighting design

If there’s one thing sure to add a touch of classic simplicity and design excellence to a room it’s high quality lighting.

It could be just one piece or a couple, but it can set the whole tone for a space. At 15 Collingwood, we have amazing examples of the best mid-century lighting design - floor laps, table lamps, desk lamps, standard lamps, British, European and American. Our items are mainly from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s, but we do sometimes have the odd, quirky, amazing piece from an earlier period. If the design is exceptional, we’ll stock it.

All of our lighting stock is fully PAT tested and rewired to comply with modern safety standards. 

To complement our lighting, Nifty Shades creates hand-made retro lampshades using vintage fabrics, plus we’ve a range of lampshades from Atomic Doris.

Love design? Come and browse or talk to us today on 01604 714644.