What do Eddie Redmayne and 15 Collingwood's Rocco Catalano both have in common?

Not sure? The answer is that they both featured in same issue of The Observer and The Guardian magazines on Sunday 6 November. No, Eddie hadn't popped in to 15 Collingwood, sadly. He was being interviewed about nerves, fatherhood and his new blockbuster, JK Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Whereas Rocco was featured in the Homes section in an article by Jo Leevers, relaxing in his and Peter's 1960s semi in the lovely Northamptonshire village of Earls Barton.

"Zingy prints and a riot of midcentury art turns Rocco Catalano's 1960s semi into a box of tricks," exclaims the journalist.

A lot of what you'll read about in the article is how Rocco, with his flair for great design, has used bright and colourful furniture, accessories, art, glass and ceramics to create this wonderful haven. He mixes vintage with contemporary designs to great effect. Clearly his sunny Italian heritage is at play here.

To read the full article, either click on the images below or read at The Guardian Online.