Art and photography

Another great area for collectors of mid-20th century design, and anyone wanting to bring a cool retro look to the home or office, is art and photography.

At 15 Collingwood, we have a vibrant collection of images including 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s pieces, paintings and original prints by leading figures of the time, such as Vladimir Tretchikoff and his mid-century kitsch but highly collectable exotic ladies.

These are complemented by a wide variety of work by mainly local artists and photographers, covering everything from original prints (created digitally and using traditional methods such as linocuts, screenprints, lithographs and collographs) to watercolours, acrylics and oil paintings.

Artists we display include Minnie Teckman, Paul Greco, David Boyes, John Holt, Sherelee Weber, Susan Came, Viv Dixon, Gary Mills, Iain Hodgkinson,  Jane Warwick, Julia Harrold and Kat Lendacka, along with London-based Jeremy Wills. Photographic prints are by Richard Eagle, Livia Fallarino, Andy Feltham and Luke Harby.

If you’re looking for a really unusual gift card, we stock a brilliant selection by Lorna Syson, Kat Lendacka, Susan Came, SazBam, I luv Claire, David Boyes, Minnie Teckman and Jane Mitchell-Finch.

Love design? Come and browse or talk to us today on 01604 714644.